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Personal attention

One of the distinguishing characteristics of DAEMA S.A. it is the personalized attention to the client since the company from its beginnings accentuated in its commercial dynamics the importance of the effective satisfaction of the buyer.

For this purpose, each employee is trained and specialized so that he / she can efficiently solve and advise each client's needs.

Attention to companies, workshops and large customers

The staff of DAEMA S.A. is technically trained and has the necessary infrastructure to solve not only the requirements of each particular client, but also the diverse needs of large clients, such as specialized companies or workshops of the specific category.

Large permanent stock

DAEMA S.A. has an extensive stock of articles in what refers to electric parts for automobiles, from a wide and varied range of quality items and competitive prices, for companies specialized in conditioning and repair, as for any particular customer that requires services .

Efficiency in delivery times

One of the essential objectives of DAEMA S.A. They are the minimum delivery times for those items that are not in your large stock. If there is a case that the merchandise is not present in the store, the company ensures that said item reaches the client's hands, shortening the waiting times to ensure the buyer's satisfaction, as this is one of the objectives of the company.